Frequently asked questions from our customers:

  • What stains come out of carpet?

    Mostly all stains are fairly easy to get out of carpet. There are some stains that are tough to remove such as dye, discoloration and bleach. There are ways to remove these stains but it takes a trained professional.

  • What is the difference between dry and steam cleaning?

    Dry cleaning is less wet cleaning where you are wiping the dirt out of the carpet after it has been vacuumed with a dry cleaning pad (bonnet). Steam cleaning on the other hand is like your clothes washing machine; it puts down hot water with some soap mixed in it and then vacuums out the water and dirt. The difference is the volume of dirt that is extracted with steam cleaning is much greater than dry cleaning.

  • How long have you cleaned carpets?

    I have been cleaning carpets for over 15 years.

  • How long do carpets take to dry?

    Steam cleaning about 6 to 12 hours

    Dry cleaning about 1 to 2 hours

  • What do you clean?

    Carpet, upholstery and rugs

  • How do I get stains out between cleanings?

    To get small stains out between cleanings, buy a small wet dry vacuum at the store, spray cleaner on the stain, then vacuum it out twice. If you don't have a vacuum, use a rag.

    The best way is to contact Moyer's Carpet Cleaning to get consultation on what type of cleaner and equipment can be used for small stains in between cleanings.

  • What kind of carpet is best?

    Nylon is the best over all. It has the best wear and clean ability. Polyester is also good to purchase but it does not clean as well as Nylon. Polyester does hold its color better than Nylon.

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